Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Interesting day

I woke up pretty late today since I didn't have to work, then ate lunch with the older brother of a friend I've had since I was 2. So, practically, I grew up with this guy. But he was always the scary older dude. It was weird to hang out with him. He even asked me which was my favorite of the two brothers. I was pretty intimidated by both when I was little since they were both such meanies to my friend. Anyway, it was a nice lunch. We caught up, yada yada. Next I came back to my place and chilled for a while. I was pretty tired all day for some reason, maybe because I slept more last night than I have in quite some time. Been burnin' the midnight oil, I have. I finally got a hold of Lisa, after finding out that I wasn't going to see a movie with my college friend, Jayr. Went to Lisa's to chill for a bit and plyed some Wii. Lindsay, Lisa, Laine, Ari and myself were trying to figure out what to do. Bowling was a serious contender, but we ended up driving to the park, Polaroid camera, frisbee, and fake Nerf football in tow. It was a fabulous time. We even played M.A.S.H. I'm apparently marrying my boss, living in a mansion, working as a photographer, honeymooning in Venice, and driving a Jetta. Not bad, eh? The girls were pushing to go get tattoos after the park, but I don't have one nor do I have any clue what I would get. They started mentioning their "animals" (i.e. Lindsay the Lionhearted Lion and Laine the Merciful Bear). I started wondering which animal I would be. At first I thought of an owl, like Sally the Wise Owl, but that's probably kinda lame. I could also be an elephant, like Sally the Rememberful. That was my dilemma, which I'd like to solve. Then maybe I'll have my tat. Anyways, I went home in lieu of tattoo adventure and ran at the J. I can now run a 10 minute mile for 3 miles almost non-stop (ran it non-stop once!!). I'm sore, but I feel good. Hurray. Good day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The last few days.

Wow, what a whirlwind. I've been up 'til 6, 4, 5 AM. Driving up to Plano every night to hang out with some pups that didn't give a shit whether I slept or not. I've seen new friends and old friends and been in a 24-hour art show. Twice. I've felt horrible sadness and lonliness and longing. I've felt exhilaration and happiness. Been awake at 8 AM to be amazed at what it feels like to be surprised and alive. Capoeira. I've declared my vision for my future to an old friend and knew it would happen. I've sang, I've danced. I'd like to thank the pups for interrupting my comfort. At the time I wanted to throw them against the wall, but they helped me out of my survival zone. That sounds weird and I don't even know what it means. I feel exhausted, and absolutely here and living. It's going to hurt, it's going to be great, it's going to be exciting, and it's going to be for the rest of my life.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Realnesssss

For Emmirine,
This one's for you. I miss you.