Thursday, February 19, 2009

bitch i'm broke

and it's true. lots of important things have been happening lately, but i'm writing about them in my journal. but the most important thing that has transpired lately is that ANDY came to visit. picked him up at the airport yesterday and it was crazy. we took the train and walked back to the apartment. other than the fact that it has been an entirely inane riot since he landed, my favorite art about hanging out with andy is that he exposes me to amazing new music, movies, and ideas. best things of the day/night that followed: tv carnage, cody chesnutt, scott walker, 30 century, no soy sauce until later, rice noodle marathons, japanese louis armstrong, other amazing things that i need to list. anyway, today we walked to nave yonatan and had a photo walkabout with a few of my girls. we picked up alice afterwards at kadima and came home to make dinner. had a blast just hanging out listening to music and video chatted with leah (from our BR trip). she told us the story of the only time she slept with a guy. she's gay. and the funniest person i've ever met. now we're about to go out. imanuel has made a friend in andy. they're funny. more later.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

summertime and the livin is easy

woke up and met arly in enough time to walk to the visa place in the mall
waited, spoke to the woman
girl bugs me
i was grumpy all morning
walked home, but caught the thrift store
got SWEET pajamas, dresses, t-shirts for CHEAP
walked home and chilled out before sharet
met al there
nati yelled my name
the kids missed us
i played terrible soccer and realized that i'm not there to play well
i'm there for the kids
well i got bored anyway after suckng for almost 2 hours
al left for kadima and i left to go home
got home and started to read, but passed out
planned to meet al at kadima
woke up and talked with imanuel for a while about his psychological issues
i made al grilled cheese then showered
we headed out before imanuel woke up
for the record, al didnt want to go out last night
i talked her into it
after being dumped by gay guy out of nowhere ("i just need to be alone right now"), i wanted to see where the night took us
we got to the sub kuch (duh) and proceeded to drink one chaser, meet maytal, say bye to maytal, talk to sebastien awkwardly, want to leave, maytal left, feel trapped and just like a wanted to leave, tomer offered us a ride, escaped and we all went outside to smoke, talked about dirty things, moveed to the hot seat with sagi and etan. etan made me feel sexy with my belly
meet tomer's hot friend
came back inside, made myself throw up, al was nice, went to lie down
etan brought me water and medicine and told me that we're the sub kuch's favorite customers and they love us, really sweet
guy buys us chaser that we HAVE to take, i puke in urinal, pull it out
see nufar, we get ready to go home
tomer drives, i almost puke, but luckily don't
we get back (make fun of my pajamas) and have one cigarette before tucking him in on the couch
wake up this morning to wave to tomer, and 2 funny notes
spend the morning chilling out and watching scrubs before getting ready for shabbat dinner
alice makes mashed potatoes with chese
eat dinner with naama, and fam
really sweet little girl
good food
get home and hang out before watching the end of spinal tap
al says that i'm mean, but i want everyone to think i'm nice
only joking but thats true
imanuel passes out and we take care of his laundry
try to load scrubs and talk to dad on skype. i miss him
gamm'ys been having some neurological issues
so i call gammy and get to talk to her on vid chat
i havent gotten to see her since i've been here. but she wants her earrings
she says she hopes she'll be around
i say she has to be. she says the first thing we'll do is makes baked alaska
i tell her i love her
she says 'i love you baby'
i get really sad
al comforts me
we watch scrubs for 4 hours
i'm going to bed now.

things i need to do:
print letter and get visa
get earrings for gammy to mail
write marissa, ernie letters
get external hard drive
do situps
write music
edit photos
photos for blog
write naama letter

Friday, February 6, 2009

she's got blood in her eyes for you

get picked up by orna, get to lepid
all the fixins for sushi
take pictures of the whole process
made 3 rolls and ate them
made more for imanuel
watched videos and talked with the kids
looked through bar mitzvah photos and video
i'm fat and i need to change it
leave and go home to get ready for our anniversary
give things to buffy and imanuel
get showered and prettied, flash parker
take a sheruit, listen tomusic with a coupla beers
go to sub kuch
i lose my phone
hang out with each other taking it easy with a glass of glen livet
call shawn and andy
ilil says i have to meet her friend the fireman
we talk, i'm not interested, but i do want to meet another guy
i start talking to yoav
we talk about psychology, nietzsche, life, leonard cohen
i like him
tell him about open stage, says he'll be there
i talk to him for a while
we get a ride from fireman, plan rockclimbing
go home get in bed, talk to liz and parks on vid
they make plans to come, we're sad
great sleep

sub kuch
2 guys
he brought his friend, shes cool
one good convo
played alright
say bye to amir
treats on roof
sweet kiss
full moon
two oras
more kiss
i'll call you tomorrow
i get scared walking back
no more sheruits
cab it

woke up to breakfast by alice
went to volcani
hung out with rachael
cut broccoli and cauliflower for selling
walekd to food clearing
made pita, ate hummus and organic salad
i made pita on a wok
we got ready to go
sat with rachael
erez told me that i make her day when i go there
i promised her all the photos
we get back home and take a quick nap reading nietzche and sedaris
wake up, i'm groggy, and hang out with imanuel at pini's, he's not there
talk to funny old guy and girl from texas
stop by kadima and see kids and sivan
walk to synagogue and say hi to pini, he says we'll all be there eventually
got back home, read more nietzsche, eamiled blake, and showered to get ready to go out
took a sherit to tel aviv and then walked to diesengoff to meet elad and debs
cute coffee shop
walked to meet elad's friend, talked to debs. really sweet girl
found sweet shoes
went to the beach and treats, met liora
talked about radiohead
really cold and windy
walked more to get burekas and eat
ate more
walked to park, talked to yoav and hung out on the playground inside the slide
treats more
walked to the sub kuch
treats on the roof with sagi
guy talks about being afraid of gay guys and hiding
kinda sketch guy
i tell him not to be afraid and tell them what he wants
get downstairs to yoav
talking to him about gay guy, really slowly, and intense
like a short story
just listened so intently
we're stoned
he asks me what i think
if i feel the same way aobut girls
i've been with girls, so it doesnt threaten me
talk about generalizations about whether its more accepted to be gay or a lesbian
he invites us over
we walk
treats another with roommate, invites us to stay all day or yoav will drive us at 5:30
we hang out, he makes alli food and chocolate
roommate comes back and hand in puke in bed
everyone cleans up and we laugh about it
yoav comes to bed and we make out and kiss slowly
get a little intense and both have fun
too late to sleep, so we get up and drive to ramla in the rain
he was kinda scared
dropped off, have a kiss
i like him
go upstairs, imanuel scared us,
alice makes granola
we hang out with imanuel and talk and laugh and alice is a mad scientist in the kitchen
try to watch zoolander, fall asleep
wake up and eat something
hang out and try to guide elad
hear my name
its naama's mom
its pouring rain
i run over to naamas to get falafel
see her mom and bro
get back home and hang out until imanuel gets home
we hang out and watch youtube vids
kids choir and young at heart make we teary' i miss gammy
he does, we eat
watch scrubs
eat granola, then malawa with chocolate
we're stupid
watch 40 year old virgin
wish i could go to sxsw. i miss my the blog friends.
andy's coming and parker might come!
tomorrow taking photos of kibbutz

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

modern art makes me want to rock out

woke up late yesterday
got all ready for work
read a nietzsche quote from ms. sofia that made me realize that home probably isn't that great anyway and i'll realize it soon
its amazing how philosophy just calms me down. its simplicity owns me.
i should appreciate what i am living and love every minute
so thats what i'm going to do
got to work
lots of bitch meetings
zvi is a douche
talked about not working in the office anymore
phone calls all night
got PAID
talked to TRISH at the bus stop. i fucking love her
great bus ride home
i think people listen to us talk and are terrified
walked to the sub kuch
dead, decapitated rat in the street
perfect addition to my disgusting/uncomfortable 'i like ugly things' series that i thought up
treat myself to a jameson on the rocks
sang and talked with eitan and eliel and sagi
arm wrestling
i lose
my arms are sore
both of them
called gammy, maayan dragged me to her apt
we hang out and talk
in bed
gisela tells me to write something with photos for the IA blog i'll do tomorrow
i go back to the sub kuch and we hang out a little more before catching a cab home
alice has a new boyfriend
we walk the rest of the way home
get into bed and talk about butt sex
go to sleep

were going to wake up early for the flea marker, but didn't
got ready for work again
i call the photo studio, doesnt need anyone, but i should call around
dylan sends me a link to sam cooke 'what a wonderful world' and makes me smile and dance
anthony gambino sends me a message and will always be associated with otis redding in my mind
took a cool photo on the sheruit
took the train and read one of my favorite tc boyle stories with al
got to work, was better today
really silly
making people laugh by humping the air
i feel great
we eat weird pizza
i talk to dad about faxed materials
al gets sick and has to run to the bathroom
we leave work and she pukes on the way
we get on the bus and listen to music
i realize that i feel really free and that i can be funny and stupid and i dont care
because i'll never see most of these people again
i really enjoyed the feeling of making someone uncomfortable
that makes me happy
we happen to run into one of the new ISC kids, mark
he's really funy
we gossip about the new group and talk about new thigns
really funny
we drop off at the house, and its a little weird
i like the kid
walk back to the apartment
miss imanuel
have been reading things
getting ready for bed
tomorrow, we don't work but have VISA things to take care of
i'm supposed to take photos at a kibbutz for one of the programs, so thats cool
and show the new group the tv station, cool guy will be there
fuck my sleeping patterns are terrible



Monday, February 2, 2009

hand job, hand job. i know that shit's fun but it's still your job

woke up late
alice made scramble
we had nice breakfast
and talked
we are a goddamned married couple
walked to library
waited around fo a while
felt weird to be alumni
met the peeps (elad)
talked to fifi
sat in room
momo spoke
we spoke
be excited, dont let little things bother
sat around after
elad and i walked back home to meet alli
played music
made eggs (getting pretty good at that)
timothy leary story
played more music
made choco milk
talked more
drank scotch
walked to sheruit
fight with chabad in sheruit with elad about women completing men
weird cowboy
got to sub kuch
ate malai kofta
saw daniel and nufar
photos with glasses, one guy not happy
etan dancing like a silly
went upstairs with hadorbaim playing and saw sagi
see heidi
smiling at dude from bar (afro man)
go outside with heidi
go upstairs and talk to peeps we met (friends with heidi's friends)
playing pool, idan, erez, ofir
blocked from smoking
ofir asks me on a date
they know ELLIE!
more music
even more music
erez sings in french
they all leave
we take cab home
vid chat w leah
text w dad


wake up late-ish to a knock on the door after imanuel leaves
its his brother, sister-in-law, and their adorable baby, yotam
imanuel comes back
we all hang out and i play the melodica for the first time in years
play guitar and learn songs, treats
they leave and alice and i get packed up to head to natanya for the weekend
catch sheruit to tel aviv, then another to natanya
call gingie when we get to the train station
call ellie, doesn't sound too enthused but interested
tells me that ofir (guy that asked me on date) has a GF
no date with ofir
we get picked up by lior and roni
go to shoshana and hang out playing music
watch strokes DVD
i want to play drums like fabrizio moretti like WHOA
chill with friends and attempt some california sunshine
take photos with the most ridiculous glasses ever made
nothing happens and i pass out after talking for hours
wake up at some point and hop into bed since everyone mysteriously dissappeared
(later i found out that they made a bonfire at the beach. i'm bummed i slept through but i was tired damnit)

p.s. 'gaza' really means 'medical cello-tape'


i get woken up by alice, who passed out somewhere else
we walk to the cliff and have a long chat punctuated by a big hug
things to think about
we go back to the shoshana and hang out for a while with some new friends on the porch
keep hanging out and playing music with eran
go downstairs to idan's, where i get a lesson in making pita
we mix and mold and put the dough on top of a huge dome-shaped oven
i also start to play the accordian
actually write some cool, droney bits that i want to record
those shits aer heavy
at pita with goat cheese wrapped inside. just stupidly good
i leave alice and barry and walk to hadar's house b/c no one is upstairs
hang out watching TV and hear spoon on a commercial
mostly israeli comedy shows which are pretty funny considering i can't understand
hang out at hadars for a while with eran, dana, hadar
start reading tc boyle's 'the human fly'. its REALLY good
go check on alice, but can't find her so i go back to hadars and stay there all night
chat with miss sarah jaffe who is amazing
watch a little bobby mcferrin with hadar
he's just fucking breathtaking
she goes to bed but i can't sleep, get really sad, call ernie, eddie, dad, and write sad blog
think about being in a relationship and being my own person
so i finish my book
andy introduces me to christian bok's poetry, really great also
i finally go to sleep after sunrise


wake up the next day, realizing that we need to be in ramla to help yahel
i go to erans and find alice
we say goodbye to everyone, hadar and dana, and catch a sheruit home
have about 1 hour to get ready before being called into work
take the train into work, alice reads aloud from 'the human fly'
we call people, talk to no one basically
talk to dad. my photo sold at the auction for 300. john pomara and other people said nice things.
get off work and take the bus to the sub kuch for open stage
we don't get there until late, so i don't play
but we do hang out and talk to tomer about 'medical cello-tape' and how it's not such a heavy thing to israelis, but part of daily life
talk to sagi about meditation. breathing. being in the moment.
i decide i don't care about what guys think and just have fun
weird creepy guy asks me outside. i go. then i come back inside to pee.
we hang out and i'm approached by amir, who knows me from the open stage
amir has lost his voice but we talk for a while anyway, going on a three-trip walk
back and number exchange
we decide to accompany one new friend and one old friend back to old friend's rooftop apartment, complete with drumset in petakh tikvah
get to know leonard cohen on the drive there
spend most time reading tarot cards in hebrew and getting a lesson on some important words
after playing guitar a little, and some tea, breaking a glass we all miraculously fit on one teeny bed
nice then sleep after sunrise
wake up kinda late and make coffee to drink in the beautiful afternoon view on the roof
i stare out across the city
ariel asks me to play guitar, so i do
figure out a leonard cohen song, play elliott and asaf
play DRUMS finally
i'm terrible but i really want to learn to play better, in a band
finally get our shit together and new friend gives us a ride to the train station
we meet a nice woman, catch the train and get to work only a little bit late
annoyed at zvi
want to talk to momo
call people
i do a bunch of interviews, but we need to get out of here
get pizza for dinner
i don't feel good
we get a ride from orie to the bus
take the bus, take a nap
get bad pizza at the bus station
meet sheruit driver that knows jodi and roll him a cigarette
take a sheruit home
walk home from park
watch stupid video from justin
sofia makes me feel better with nietszche
vid chat with josh at stupid hours
chat with people at stupid hours
it's 6AM. i need to go to bed. talking with imanuel.
for you parks...