Saturday, March 7, 2009

ze ani

well the last couple of weeks have been pretty cool. our good friend andy came to visit and resided on our couch in our teeny apartment. despite the crummy rainy weather, we had a really fun time laughing, playing pini, watching great movies and listening to great music courtesy of andy. i have a wonderful list of new stuff to check out. it was really sweet to have him here. i learned a lot and did a lot of thinking. i listened to a lecture from robert solomon and i remembered what it was like to be in school and excited about learning and how it affected the way i filtered my world and the decisions that i made. i was thinking for myself in the only way i knew how. the new, unadulterated way (well, at least i thought so). so i'm still thinking.

on a less enthusiastic note, alice and i got an email from chris, the guy that runs the safari in africa at which we were going to intern. he graciously thanked us for applying and wished us well, however, there are no spots available partially due to the economic situation. we both took a bit to process this news, as somber as it may be. last night we talked a little about it, and decided tentatively that we are both ready to go home after our rent runs out to regroup. it was a devastating blow as i was really excited to go to africa. but i'm ready to go home and see my family and friends. i'll have been gone for a whole year, which will be way longer than i could've foreseen when i left. so i'll spend a month or so at home catching up and getting ready to move to LA. i figure i can take some classes there and take sweet photos and get some sort of photo or production assistant job when or before i get there. any ideas? i've also spoken to some very good and very inspiring friends of mine that reminded me what i'm doing and why. thanks guys.

so, in other news, today was a great day. an early one, considering i stayed up until 4:30 this morning watching scrubs. fuck my sleep schedules are retarded. anywho, woke up and made myself some coffee and eggs before departing to the central bus station/government building to handle my VISA stuff. i got kind of nervous because i realized once i was already there that i forgot my passport at home. oops. luckily, the agent that i spoke with remembered me and the only punishment i received for not remembering my passport was a mild scolding for not carrying it with me daily in case something happens to me in the street. even MORE fortunately, the police check that we had sent in 2 months ago had returned, so all the documents that i prepared to have sent to the jewish agency will be back (with my VISA) by the end of the week!! helloooooooooo moneybags. not really. but at least i'll be able to work. thanks FUCK. i'm broke. sorry mom and dad.

after i left the VISA office, in great spirits, i decided to embrace myself as a photographer once and for fucking all and lead myself on a little walking photo tour of ramla. i was determined goddamnit, to take some interesting photos of all the interesting people here. so i asked damn near everyone i passed. i even turned around a couple of times. beck put me in a great mood. most of the people even said yes. i don't know why i was so scared. the first couple of people i asked said no, and a few people after that. but it's ok. i feel like i'm jumping off a building every time. but its ok. i got some pretty cool shots too. a little boy. an older gentleman. a beggar couple. i almost got this really sweet old woman, but just ended up talking to her on this bench for a while in my terrible hebrew. felt pretty proud of myself. thanks andrew and dylan.

anyway, got home and watched darjeeling limited and a bunch of scrubs episodes with alice, and drank some wine. i'm a little sleepy now and don't have much to do for the rest of the day save for assembling my purim costume! it's going to be GREAT. i have a hilarious outfit, complete with ridiculous accessories. photos to ensue. i'm taking a nap. plus, i need to get moving on this online promotion deal. long story.

also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! i'm sorry i couldn't be there, but i know you're having a wonderful, relaxing time. you're my buddy.